We are now in Guadeloupe. That’s French……. We don’t have a French Flag to fly on the mast as required by international law because according to Sam, the French pissed me off and I told him to throw away the flag. Having said that it’s a cool spot. It’s called Pointe a  Pieitre. My French is improving. I can say a few words……pronunciation may not be perfect. I can understand a few words too……I can’t repeat all of them (Some I’ve forgotten, others I can’t repeat……here)

Spent a few days in Isle Des Saintes (told you my French was improving)  Stunning group of islands and had some great diving. Quant little town. Romantic restaurants. Just would have been better if I had more romantic company than Graham and Sam…….

Got our bit of history after a brisk walk. The fort from sometime.....apparently the French were fighting the English.

m DSC 0223.

Passed a super yacht on the way in……… super toys, it had on its deck a super motor yacht, a sailing yacht, a helicopter, etc etc, So boring. I'm sure their helicopter would have fallen off in 54 knots in the transatlantic.

m DSC 0267

Now these guys have crayfish that you dream of….. 2 KG each. Fed all 3 of us and Graham is still planning a lobster bisque. (the last time he did that we were asked to leave the marina)